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Concepts to Opening

Aerial Adventure Parks

From Concept to Operation – a step by step guide

Download printable pdf here

The following provides a brief overview of the steps required to have an Aerial Adventure Park or Zip Line Canopy Tour installed at your site. 

This overview is assuming you have already secured necessary land and have a facility from which to operate (i.e. ticket sales, parking, bathroom facilities, etc.).  These steps are general guidelines only, and several may be combined, unnecessary depending on your site, or taken care of by the client internally.

Initial Meeting

  • Interested parties will meet with representatives from AE, Inc. to develop an overall vision for the park.
  • This can be a phone conference, or an in person meeting.  At this point we are looking to see if what we offer is something that may work for you, and for us to each be able to have some basic question and answer time to get to know each other a bit

Initial Site Evaluation

  • This can sometimes occur during the initial meeting, but is often a 2nd meeting.  The primary purpose of this is to determine whether or not an Aerial Adventure Park seems feasible to install at your location, and if so—possible sites for the park, as well as making some determinations as to use of trees, poles or a combination of both.
  • A follow-up meeting, (generally via phone or Skype) will take place to discuss initial findings.

Contract Negotiations

  • At this stage contracts will be drawn up, approved by both parties and respective attorneys and signed.

In-Depth Site Evaluation/Feasibility study

  • This is generally a 1 – 3 day process, depending upon the exact location and the size of the park.  During this time we will bring in other key people to help make a determination about the overall site being selected.  This may include arborists, engineers, etc.


  • After the site evaluation is completed, and based upon additional meetings that have helped us determine your target population, your current demographics, desires for specifics of the park (or any particular theme), budget, etc.; we will create a set of designs that will be customized to fit your particular needs and desires.


  • After the basic designs have been completed and approved, we will layout the course on site.  This will include marking all trees being used, trees and other things that need to be removed, pole placement, etc.

Equipment Acquisition

  • Based upon the size of the park being installed and the overall budget being worked within, the appropriate amount of equipment required to operate the park will be secured. 

Site Preparation

  • Depending upon the specific site, this can range from very basic work to rather extensive clearing.  This is an area that many clients have the internal resources to do in-house, and can save money; however, AE is fully qualified to do any and all work required.

Installation of Poles

  • If poles are being used, then this is generally the next step.  Even in courses that are primarily on trees, the main platform is often on poles.  This is another area that clients often have resources to do themselves and choose to, in order to cut costs.  AE is fully qualified and equipped to install most poles or AE can bring in a sub-contractor.

Installation of Platforms

  • This includes the main starting platform as well as the small platforms that will connect the individual elements.

Installation of Belay Lines, Foot Cables, Zip Lines

  • This will often occur in conjunction with the installation of the element platforms.  During this phase we are hanging as much of the cable as possible.

Element Prefabrication

  • Depending upon when then construction began, and the overall timelines we are working within, the prefabrication of the elements might start after the cabling, during the cabling, or even prior to the cabling.  We will make as many of the elements as possible in shop.  Doing this helps to ensure optimum quality, expedience, and cost control—as it reduces time required in the field. 

Element Installation

  • Parts of the elements will get installed during the initial cabling phase—things such as foot cables, overhead cables, etc.  Elements that are made in shop will be shipped to site, and installed after the platforms and initial cabling has been complete.
  • Ground school, the area where patrons will be fitted in harnesses and taught how to use their equipment, is constructed.

Finish work

  • All clean-up work will be done, cutting and capping bolt ends, padding put into place where applicable, signage added to the course, etc.

Third Party Inspection and Licensing

  • Upon completion of the park AE will inspect the course and also bring in a third party inspector who will go through the course as well.
  • All licensing requirements, as determined by the specific state, will be addressed.

Finished Landscaping

  • This includes development of paths, mulching, storage areas, etc. 

Management and Staff Training

  • AE will work with the client to develop a customized operations manual for the Aerial Adventure Park or Zip Line Canopy Tour. 
  • Appropriate levels of training will be provided for the park or tour that was installed, and AE will be available to assist with staff development on an ongoing basis.

Opening the Park

  • An AE representative will be available, if needed, opening day to help answer questions as they may arise with either staff or guests.

Ongoing Consultation

  • After operations are up and running we will continue to have a presence for as long as is required.  40 hours of consultation comes with the park.  Additional consultation is available beyond that for a fee.

Inspections, Maintenance and Upkeep

The overall cost and timelines for installing an Aerial Adventure Park can vary drastically from one to the other.  Some of the factors that affect these are:

  • Size of park
  • Terrain
  • Accessibility
  • Complexity of design
  • Location
  • Permitting issues

For cost estimates and timelines please call 413.446.5828